marketers need to grow their vocabulary


Here’s a rough thought that has just started to form in my mind. It’s in a raw form, but perhaps typing it out will help me to clarify and explore it better?

People are only able to create and express ideas within the framework of their vocabulary. We are perhaps all limited by what we are able to think and express. So if you extend your vocabulary, using or creating new words – or perhaps even a new language – surely you will be able to think differently?

Could a brand therefore be more competitive by being able to express itself outside the framework and language of its competitors?

I guess you would still need to be able to translate and express your new ideas in language that is both understandable and appealing to your target audience.

So perhaps the opportunity rests more in being able to express new ideas using familiar language, but in a different context, in order to create competitive difference and appeal?

I’m still left thinking new words bring new opportunity. So perhaps it’s the single new word or idea that may best ignite a competitive difference, rather than being faced with a whole new language?


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