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What, you may ask, do Florence (Italy) and Ningbo (China) share in common? Well, the simple answer was that the two cities were twinned. But it appears a touch of civic uncertainty now also links the local government officials from both cities even more tightly. The problem has risen in the form of art – […]


Andy Bounds wrote a book called The Jelly Effect, published last year. I’m catching up on my blog posts and this was one on my list to mention. Related Weblinks: Book highlights: HERE Video excerpt from Author: HERE 10 presentation tips from Andy Bounds. 1. Preparation – ensure your work proves you can […]

Hi, Just a quick note of thanks to all those who have read my blog over the last year. I’m delighted so many of you find time to visit Brand Tao and email me about the content. Wishing you a great 2009. Kevin Sugrue