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1. facebook 2. bbc 3. youtube 4. ebay 5. games 6. news 7. hotmail 8. bebo 9. yahoo 10. jobs Source: Google In addition the fastest-rising search terms in the U.K. for 2008 were: 1. iplayer 2. facebook 3. iphone 4. youtube 5. yahoo mail 6. large hadron collider 7. obama 8. friv (a games […]

For the next 12 hours or so visitors to the link below will be able to download a free copy of YouTubeGet v4.9.7. The software allows you to capture and save copies of videos from YouTube. The software is supplied courtesy of an offer on Download your copy: HERE



Something worth taking a look at. Bloguerrilla is an Italian blog for ambient media, guerrilla stunts, experiential events and advertising in a viral vain. Whilst unfortunately I don’t speak Italian, I do read ideas and this blog captures lots of them. The YouTube video promoting what the blog covers: HERE The link to the site: […]

I’ve just done a quick check of the podcasts I listen to, as I’m sure I’ve subscribed to more than I actually use. It appears I listen to the following ones regularly, all were downloaded from iTunes: – In Our Time, BBC Radio 4 – TEDTalks – Audio and video presentations from the annual Technology, […]

Wow, that was a year that flashed by. It hardly seems like any time at all has passed since I prepared my entry for the Thinkbox TV Planning Awards in 2008 with Zebra Crossing’s creative assistance. On that outing the result was a place as a finalist, which I was delighted with. Particularly as it […]

While Shazam has been helping people identify a song or tune through their mobile phone in the UK for several years. A new entrent in the song discovery market in the USA is called Midomi. After launching with a web-based entry point, where you literally sing or hum the tune you wish to discover the […]

David Pogue, technology columnist for the New York Times, camps his way through a presentation of trends in mobile phone tech for 2009. See the presentation: HERE David’s blog may be found: HERE