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1. facebook 2. bbc 3. youtube 4. ebay 5. games 6. news 7. hotmail 8. bebo 9. yahoo 10. jobs Source: Google In addition the fastest-rising search terms in the U.K. for 2008 were: 1. iplayer 2. facebook 3. iphone 4. youtube 5. yahoo mail 6. large hadron collider 7. obama 8. friv (a games […]

For the next 12 hours or so visitors to the link below will be able to download a free copy of YouTubeGet v4.9.7. The software allows you to capture and save copies of videos from YouTube. The software is supplied courtesy of an offer on Download your copy: HERE



Something worth taking a look at. Bloguerrilla is an Italian blog for ambient media, guerrilla stunts, experiential events and advertising in a viral vain. Whilst unfortunately I don’t speak Italian, I do read ideas and this blog captures lots of them. The YouTube video promoting what the blog covers: HERE The link to the site: […]

I’ve just done a quick check of the podcasts I listen to, as I’m sure I’ve subscribed to more than I actually use. It appears I listen to the following ones regularly, all were downloaded from iTunes: – In Our Time, BBC Radio 4 – TEDTalks – Audio and video presentations from the annual Technology, […]

Wow, that was a year that flashed by. It hardly seems like any time at all has passed since I prepared my entry for the Thinkbox TV Planning Awards in 2008 with Zebra Crossing’s creative assistance. On that outing the result was a place as a finalist, which I was delighted with. Particularly as it […]

While Shazam has been helping people identify a song or tune through their mobile phone in the UK for several years. A new entrent in the song discovery market in the USA is called Midomi. After launching with a web-based entry point, where you literally sing or hum the tune you wish to discover the […]

David Pogue, technology columnist for the New York Times, camps his way through a presentation of trends in mobile phone tech for 2009. See the presentation: HERE David’s blog may be found: HERE

I’m delighted to see the counter tip over the 30,000 visitor mark for today. When I started the blog in April 2007, I never thoght I’d clock up over 200 posts so easily. Thanks for dropping by.

My plans for a broadband upgrade have hit a problem. While BT and Tiscali have been unable to squeeze anything faster out of my phone line. I had great hopes that Virgin Media might be able to offer me their new 50mb fibre optic service. The 50MB Offer From Virgin Media Whilst my family and […]

Hire Tigers


Hire tigers. Because they know when to be silent and they know when to roar. Image courtesy of:

Pod Design


I still very much like the pod design at Sketch in London. I recommend a visit.

Our brand thinking builds over time, like thin layer upon layer of varnish or lacquer on a treasured object. Eventually the layers of thinking create a tough and rigid surface, but one that becomes impenetrable to new ideas. So as the brand’s way of thinking accretes over time, it becomes shiny, resilient and seductive, but […]

Is this an historic moment in banking and economic management? Well certainly the Bank of England’s move today has created a precedent, for the base rate has been cut to 1%. For a lucky few customers who took out a mortgage with Cheltenham & Gloucester that charges interest at 1% below the Bank of England […]

Forecasts and analysis on the recession are being avidly sought at present. While the commercial environment has of course changed in the last decade, with the growth of digital retailing and social networking a possible key difference from earlier times. I was very interested to read the information below from McGraw Hill that examines trends […]

London was like a ghost town this morning. Unsurprisingly a video showing the scene had been put together and uploaded on YouTube in very little time. The footage shows the Noho/Soho area early today. Since then another 6 hours of snow has fallen, with more to come. Watch the video : HERE I used a […]