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Wow, that was a year that flashed by. It hardly seems like any time at all has passed since I prepared my entry for the Thinkbox TV Planning Awards in 2008 with Zebra Crossing’s creative assistance. On that outing the result was a place as a finalist, which I was delighted with. Particularly as it […]

While Shazam has been helping people identify a song or tune through their mobile phone in the UK for several years. A new entrent in the song discovery market in the USA is called Midomi. After launching with a web-based entry point, where you literally sing or hum the tune you wish to discover the […]

David Pogue, technology columnist for the New York Times, camps his way through a presentation of trends in mobile phone tech for 2009. See the presentation: HERE David’s blog may be found: HERE

I’m delighted to see the counter tip over the 30,000 visitor mark for today. When I started the blog in April 2007, I never thoght I’d clock up over 200 posts so easily. Thanks for dropping by.

My plans for a broadband upgrade have hit a problem. While BT and Tiscali have been unable to squeeze anything faster out of my phone line. I had great hopes that Virgin Media might be able to offer me their new 50mb fibre optic service. The 50MB Offer From Virgin Media Whilst my family and […]