An unexpected digital divide


My plans for a broadband upgrade have hit a problem. While BT and Tiscali have been unable to squeeze anything faster out of my phone line. I had great hopes that Virgin Media might be able to offer me their new 50mb fibre optic service.

Digital no-man's land

Digital no-man's land

Virgin Broadband

Virgin Broadband

The 50MB Offer From Virgin Media

Whilst my family and I have loved living next to a park it seems to form a natural barrier beyond which broadband operators fear to tread, or should that be dig? The park is a digital no-man’s land.

In effect I have neighbour envy for the strangest of reasons. I can see the homes that enjoy fibre optic nirvana from Virgin Media, while I’m stuck with a cranky 4mb service that complains when it rains and that Tiscali annoyingly call ‘up to 10mb’ speed.

They've got 50mb of digital speed over there!

They've got 50mb of digital speed over there!

If Nigerians can siphon oil from a pipeline and the Ukraine divert natural gas, I wonder if I could lay a fibre optic cable across a field without anyone noticing? Surely it can’t be that difficult?


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