What podcasts does a planner listen to? And how could speech content create a personalised radio channel?


I’ve just done a quick check of the podcasts I listen to, as I’m sure I’ve subscribed to more than I actually use.

It appears I listen to the following ones regularly, all were downloaded from iTunes:

– In Our Time, BBC Radio 4
– TEDTalks – Audio and video presentations from the annual Technology, Entertainment & Design conference.
– Peter Day’s World of Business, BBC Radio 4 / BBC World Service
– Ockham’s Razor, ABC Radio Australia
– The Treatment with Elvis Mitchell, KCRW Radio Santa Monica
– Center For Strategic and International Studies, Independent US Think Tank
– Big Ideas, ABC Radio Australia
– Front Row Highlights, BBC Radio 4
– Stephen Fry’s PODGRAMS, Independent
– INSEAD Knowlegecast, INSEAD
– TimeGhost with Armstrong and Miller, The Times (discontinued?)
– KCRW’s Design and Architecture, KCRW Radio Santa Monica
– Film Weekly, The Guardian
– Friday Night Comedy with Radio 4, BBC Radio 4 (alternates between seasons of The News Quiz and The Now Show)
– By Design, ABC Radio Australia
– Cultural Amnesia with Clive James, The Times (discontinued?)

I’ve now been listening to podcasts for just over 3 years (not continuously!) and, like many things digital, I simply can’t imagine a day when I wouldn’t listen to one at this point.

Much of the content I listen to is Radio programming that would be difficult for me to listen to when first broadcast. So Timeshifting and Portability are the primary drivers of my podcast needs.

However I also seek out programmes on subjects that interest me, creating a repertoire of content from providers in Australia, France and the US.

Hopefully at some point a podcast channel software client or app may be developed, allowing consumers to listen to a personalised mix of global speech programming. This could then allow content created from podcasts to be tailored and accessed in the same way Last.FM creates music radio channels based on consumer preference and listening habits.


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