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In London last week a Facebook group that was set up by fans of the recently deceased UK artist Tony Hart organised a flashmob, but one with a difference. Tony Hart was a much admired children’s TV presenter and artist for over 50 years. His most memorable creation was the animated plasticine character Morph. A […]


I attended a production of Twelfth Night today at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. Not the reproduction Globe Theatre in London, nor the copy in Japan. This was a virtual build in Second Life. The actors were a mixture of professional and amateur actors who are members of the SL Shakespeare Company. The theatre itself was an […]

I’ve always enjoyed Alan Carr and Justin Lee Collins’ ‘Project’ shows on Channel 4. Alan is also very funny in stand up. If you missed Lily Allen’s recent appearance on the TV show, here’s a link to their homage to the Cadbury Eyebrows TV ad. Enjoy. If YouTube switch the link off, you may access […]