Retro virtual world game launched online by Japanese Telco


DoCoMo, the Japanese mobile phone network, has launched an online promotion featuring a micro virtual world.

DoCoMo customers are invited to battle each other in a trial of 5 mini-games as they walk around a virtual town. The graphics use a retro style, similar to early Sim City-type gamescapes. Each player picks an avatar and then wanders the town, as they encounter other players they may invite them to battle in a mini-game.

The winner of each contest gains virtual followers from the loosing opponent and these then walk behind the winning avatar; indicating how successful you have been to other players. The players with the most followers at the end of 5 games go into a league to win prizes. Players are encouraged to improve their score and beating previous winners (with more followers) secures the highest rewards in the mini-game contests. the ultimate winners in the league will then win prizes, that include the latest mobile phones in Japan.

DoCoMo customers may also obtain free content by scanning a QR code.

Visit: Play! Prime
Note: All instructions are in Japanese

Play! Prime: Image 1

Play! Prime: Image 1

Play! Prime: Image 2

Play! Prime: Image 2

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