Virtual film sets for digital production


Over the last two years or so I’ve been involved in virtual film production, using computer generated environments for film projects, often called machinima.

Interest in the area is huge, as it offers film makers the chance to storyboard in 3D, fabricate locations cost effectively, or even film whole productions in a virtual environment.

Pixar and DreamWorks Animation are of course the leading Hollywood animators who use virtual film production. And videogame producers are natural developers of 3D sets, as well as whole virtual worlds. But the industry is also developing at the grass roots level (one person with an idea and a computer), as well as with the creation of virtual partnerships, production companies and hybrid combinations of virtual set creators and traditional animators and production houses.

Wired magazine is making a splash in the UK again from tomorrow. Here’s an article they’ve just published called ‘Virtual sets bring holodeck to Hollywood.’ LINK

When I get time I’ll post some pics of a few virtual locations (machinima film sets) I’ve created.

Virtual film sets hit Hollywood

Virtual film sets hit Hollywood

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