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You may be aware that Heather Le Fevre runs a Planner Survey annnually. Heather is an American planner who moved to Amsterdam six months ago. This is the 5th year she has run the survey and she estimates 1,000 planners around the world may take part this year. She is particularly keen to ensure planners […]

Here’s an interesting spot by Steve Hall on Adrants. As you know the Zimbabwean economy is in meltdown and sadly the currency is now near-worthless. The Zimbabwean is a popular newspaper in Zim and is also distributed in other countries. At home it has been hit by a 55% luxury tax by the government, pushing […]

A great quote from the king of literary geek chic, movie director Wes Anderson: “I like characters when they’re aspiring to something beyond their grasp.”

I don’t believe anyone could describe this blog as political. Certainly in the last 200+ posts over the the two years I’ve written thoughts and comment here, I can’t remember writing about U.K. domestic legislation before. But then of course, I don’t often get asked how I feel about changes to motoring legislation. And I […]

A list supplier copied me in on a survey on LinkedIn today, asking the question ‘How would you compare a FULLY REGISTERED Website generated Lead?’ They then gave the answer options as the following: – Equal to a Purchased List Lead – Equal to a Trade Show Lead – Equal to a Call In Lead […]

I was asked the other day what I thought Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) included, so I’ve developed a mindmap that highlights many points of Word of Mouth interaction.

An interesting article from the Advertising Research Foundation’s 55th Anniversary conference HERE, courtesy of It discusses the need for market research to stop asking consumers to over-analyse issues and instead place greater emphasis on recording a more natural consumer response. Such as recording what people actually do, rather than what they say they think. […]