Planner survey 2009 – Take part before the end of May.


You may be aware that Heather Le Fevre runs a Planner Survey annnually.

Heather is an American planner who moved to Amsterdam six months ago. This is the 5th year she has run the survey and she estimates 1,000 planners around the world may take part this year.

She is particularly keen to ensure planners from outside of the US take part in larger numbers. The survey has been altered slightly, to allow non-US based planners to input answers more appropriately this year (hopefully no more questions about US-centric tax and benefits).

If you are a planner, and we come in many flavours, fill in the survey before the end of May. You may also sign-up to receive a copy of the survey findings. These are released in July and are usually an interesting read.

Lastly, Heather writes a blog that you ay wish to take a look at:

Heather Le Fevre’s Blog: Buy Me, I’ll Change Your Life

To take the survey: Planner Survey 2009

To receive the results in July: Register Here

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