Saving money? Or cutting the fuel that powers your brand?


“The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time”

– Henry Ford, 1930’s Great Depression

An interesting view that still holds truth. But rather than stopping time, I prefer to think that board directors that lower the marketing budget hope that by cutting this vital fuel that allows their brand to fly, it may only have the effect of teaching the business to glide for a time?

Some businesses are great gliders, for a while, while other plummet. The problem initially may be in not knowing which of these two outcomes will apply to your brand.

But there is also a knock-on effect long term. Because in order to regain altitude (what you have lost by cutting budget fuel for sales, market share, hits, awareness, consideration etc.), you end up spending more than if you had continued to advertise throughout the period.

Glider pilots only end up flying in one direction with any certainty, down.

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