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I’m sure you are familiar with Chris Anderson. As well as being the Editor-in-Chief of Wired Magazine and an engaging presenter and advocate of digital technology; he is also the author of The Long Tail. I liked the Long Tail. It was an engaging book built around a well established idea – that in statistics, […]

This is a link to Susan Decker’s keynote speech at Digital Hollywood from May 2009. In it she discusses the drive for a standardised platform for online display advertising as Yahoo develop one with traditional news publishers. Global online advertising spend stands at US$40bn per annum, of which almost half is accounted for by search, […]

Reading through a document from a music entertainment brand, I was struck by the way they described the work of one of their artists: The Three I’s: ‘Insight, Irony and Indignation.’ The phrase seemed reminiscent of some of the marketing briefs I’ve seen recently. But this approach also appears to match the tone of much […]

You may have spotted the article in the press discussing Matthew Robson. The 15 year old was recently on work experience at Morgan Stanley’s Media and Internet Research Team; where he wrote a paper discussing how teenagers consume media. Matthew’s document has caused a bit of a stir amongst bankers and consultants, who assumed every […]

Tag Galaxy is a wonderful tool for the curious. It allows you to type in any work and it searches Flikr for photos tagged with that term. Then comes the magic; it draws a solar system using your initial search term to represent the star and then plots planets in orbit around it, showing related […]

I mentioned Google Wave to a research colleague. Believing it to be a social networking tool (it is), he wasn’t sure why Google Wave could be so relevant to online research. The answer is because of what it will let researchers do with Google Wave, rather than what Google initially expect it to be used […]

Just emailed to me a few minutes ago – the statement from Vimeo and link to the Vimeo blog first – then my thought: Vimeo: New Source File Policy by dalas verdugo July, 2009 Hi everyone, The staff here at Vimeo is committed to making this website stick around for a long time. We want […]

John’s been banging on about Tweehive for a few weeks and the day itself is nearly upon us. Here’s what he is up to if you’ve missed the buzz: John Grant sent a message to the members of Tweehive: On July 14th let’s all pretend to be bees on Twitter. ——————– Subject: Tweehive 1 – […]

Another good article in Marketing Week. But as the blighters cut their page links occasionally, I’ve copied the article below, as well as letting you click through to it: HERE This time it’s very personal 28 May 2009 | By Morag Cuddeford-Jones Smart Technology, such as that which allows online retailers to sense when a […]

Brent Terrazaz has kindly collected together links for several popular account planning blogs, adding feeds that update to automatically to show the titles from the last few posts within each one. How good is that. Thanks for including Brand Tao Brent. But why my humble blog is currently listed ahead of Rory Sutherland and Mark […]

An interesting research study has found that people are more honest when confronted with the image of a baby, due to our innate drive to show empathy for children: The Times Hannah Devlin, July 11, 2009 What would you do if you found a wallet on the street? Leave it? Take it to a police […]

Financial services might appear dull and complex, but this example podcast from The Times, featuring Tom McPhail, Head of Pensions Research at Hargreaves Landsown, is a great example of how it should be done. Tom McPhail is an excellent spokesperson for pensions, being knowledgeable, concise and having a way of cutting through the jargon to […]

The building a few doors down from where I am working is currently on fire. It appears to be the office next door to / near the Red Fort on Dean Street, Soho. Additional photos uploaded on Monday 13th. I was evacuated from my building around on Friday, these are further shots taken from Dean […]

Am I excited? Oh yes. Google Wave is a new tool for communication, collaboration and the convergence of social networking on the web. It will be released later this year. Watch the demo and learn more: HERE

Clay discusses how consumers have become empowered to generate news, social observation and political pressure at a recent TED Talk. As usual, it’s the wonderful examples Clay uses that make his arguments so engaging. See the talk: HERE

Air New Zealand go all out to get passengers to pay more attention to their inflight safety film: HERE

I’m in the thick of lots of thinking for brands at present and recurring themes are: – seeing things differently – making ideas resonate more – being more engaging for your audience. Perhaps ‘say what you see’ has become ‘say what could be.’

Dawn Airey has called for a alliance between UK terrestrial TV channel operators in order to help secure viewers through a shared streaming video platform. Read the coverage of Dawn Airey’s speech at the Future of Broadcasting Conference held in London yesterday. I find myself in agreement, with the hope that Channel 4 and ITV […]