Tweehive – John Grant’s all a buzz on the 14th July


John’s been banging on about Tweehive for a few weeks and the day itself is nearly upon us. Here’s what he is up to if you’ve missed the buzz:

John Grant sent a message to the members of Tweehive:
On July 14th let’s all pretend to be bees on Twitter.

Subject: Tweehive 1 – tomorrow, 14th July!!!

Greetings fellow bees. A quick reminder that our first Tweehive day takes place tomorrow. Do remember to come and be a bee for the day and have brilliant fun with it.

Some specific pre-flight briefing type notes:
1. change your profile pic to a bee for the day
(if you cant be bothered to hunt around, or are concerned about copyright, you can always use our tweehive thumbnail as displayed in this facebook group – but real bees would be nice)
2. check the #tweehive stream and check what the other bees are up to, interact with other bees & generally enjoy the buzz
3. follow @tweehive – at several points tomorrow there will be guest queen bees including Alison Benjamin author “A world without bees” and social insect expert Bridget Nicholls (Pestival founder whose twitter account we are using for @tweehive)
4. Try to throw yourself into the role play. Get into character. what would your bee be doing through the day? If you havent chosen a specific bee role yet do read up on the options;
5. Join in the treasure hunt for flowers hidden on bee friendly and tweehive related websites. If you find a widget click on it and the colony gets fed nectar. Plus tell all the other bees if you find a new one – ie post the link with #tweehive tag on twitter
6. It’s never too late to swarm – do tell all your likeminded friends
7. If you have a relevant website/blog do register to host a flower for other bees to find
8. Watch out for on the spot tasks and other Tweehive surprises on the actual day!!!

Brilliant – see you tomorrow

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