Insight, Irony and Indignation


Reading through a document from a music entertainment brand, I was struck by the way they described the work of one of their artists:

The Three I’s: ‘Insight, Irony and Indignation.’

The phrase seemed reminiscent of some of the marketing briefs I’ve seen recently. But this approach also appears to match the tone of much of the news reporting over recent months. From the collapse of the banks, the deepening recession, the MP’s expenses fiasco and now ‘Helicoptergate’ – with reports focusing on equipment shortage issues in the war in Afghanistan.

I’m still a strong advocate of positive marketing, rather than angst ridden or negative campaigns. But I wonder if optimism and positivity in communicating product benefits, or to demonstrate brand differentiation, is in decline? Perhaps overt brand confidence is simply too out of kilter with consumer needs in the current environment?

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