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The danger in stepping back to gain perspective is that you may no longer hear what customers are saying.

Nokia stretch their 3G usability from the mobile phone to a mobile laptop today, with the launch of the Nokia Booklet 3G. But is it just another netbook? It maybe a touch lighter than the Macbook Air (1.25kg compared to 1.36kg), but it has a much smaller screen (10.1inch versus 13.3 inch). The good news […]

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Peter Drucker

This is a copy of a discussion from the LinkedIn group Strategic Planning Professionals. The question raised by Richard Watkinson Creative Brand Planning Director – Insight & Innovation at project x global: Co-creation in the hands of moderators or the inexperienced just ends up like focus groups – since when has your researcher been creative? […]

The latest track from Radiohead has been released today and is free to download: HERE It’s an atmospheric precursor to them striding the world with their next album. Thom Yorke’s vocal is distant and waveringly melodic. A counter to the hypnotic guitar and looping electronic and bass lines. They sound in magnificent form. Enjoy.

A short but interesting article from Wired Magazine on the fallibility and bias found in referees: HERE 3 Smart Things About Referees By Candice Chan 1 // They listen to the crowd. Researchers asked two sets of soccer refs to judge game clips. One group watched the footage on mute; the other with sound. The […]

A low key, but real-world, example of how a business that followed Twitter users was able to reward a customer for recommending them. The word of mouth value continues, even with this post. Thanks to Karl at for spotting the example. 3 weeks ago I noticed Stephen Fry (707,000 followers on Twitter) tweet that […]