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A short but interesting article from Wired Magazine on the fallibility and bias found in referees: HERE 3 Smart Things About Referees By Candice Chan 1 // They listen to the crowd. Researchers asked two sets of soccer refs to judge game clips. One group watched the footage on mute; the other with sound. The […]


A low key, but real-world, example of how a business that followed Twitter users was able to reward a customer for recommending them. The word of mouth value continues, even with this post. Thanks to Karl at for spotting the example. 3 weeks ago I noticed Stephen Fry (707,000 followers on Twitter) tweet that […]

Eric Qualman launches his new book, Socialnomics, later this month. The book explores the surge in adoption of social media activity amongst consumers. Whilst the examples mix pop-psychology with some truly interesting statistics (and few that need source clarification); I’m looking forward to reading the book. The video promo is: HERE (forgive the Fatboy Slim […]