Nokia Booklet 3G – the launch of a new netbook


Nokia stretch their 3G usability from the mobile phone to a mobile laptop today, with the launch of the Nokia Booklet 3G. But is it just another netbook?

Nokia Booklet 3G

Nokia Booklet 3G

It maybe a touch lighter than the Macbook Air (1.25kg compared to 1.36kg), but it has a much smaller screen (10.1inch versus 13.3 inch). The good news is that it ships with Windows 7, a relief for those who experienced the initial version of Vista. However it’s doubtful the version will run Aero.

The Intel 1.6 Ghz Atom Z530 processor is designed to provide extended use whilest you are on the move, claiming up to 12 hours battery life. This sounds great for general web-browsing and working on Microsoft Office documents whilst out of the office. But don’t expect power intensive applications (video, games) to last anywhere near that.

The netbook does allow you to plug into an external mouse, keyboard and screen at your office/desktop. As the small form factor makes the inevitable compromise of a reduced size screen and keyboard, that may slow productivity, this is useful. As it ships with a HDMI output you can connect it to an external screen or HD LCD/TV monitor easily. So it’s suitable both for home use or if you regularly make presentations using overhead projectors.

The hard drive is on the small side (120GB), so don’t expect to use this to hold all your photos, a large music MP3 collection, as well as Windows 7 and the full set of Office applications and large documents.

Nokia designers appear to have found their mojo again, as the Booklet 3G looks great. Nokia will have been aware of the problems Sony suffered following the consumer backlash that complained about the frailty of some of their thinner and lighter laptop products. I experienced two broken screens in 12 months on my Vaio and the Sony Extended Warranty doesn’t cover their replacement. Some Sony Vaio products may simply be too fragile to be fit for purpose as portable business laptops.

What are the three missing pieces of information for the Nokia Booklet 3G?

– There’s no mention of a dedicated 3G video card (the Macbook Air incorporates a modest NVIDIA GeForce 9400M on the Core 2 Duo 1.86Ghz processor). Bad news if you hoped to play video games. So it’s destined for use as a business document, email and and web-browsing sub-laptop; rather than a personal entertainment device.

– There’s no mention of how much and what kind of RAM they use

– Prices won’t be announced for a week or two.

Specifications of Nokia Booklet 3G:

1.6GHz Intel Atom Z530 processor
120 GB hard disk
19.9 mm thick x 264 mm width x 185 mm depth
2.75 pound in weight
10.1 inch glass HD Ready display
3G / HSDPA, 802.11 b/g/n WiFi,
12 hour battery life
Built-in Webcam for video calls
HDMI Output
SD card reader, 3 USB ports, single audio in/out port
Stereo speakers on front right and left corners
Nokia Ovi Suite is bundled for tight integration with Nokia’s online services
Nokia Ovi Maps gadget
Windows 7

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