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Twitterati and bloggers with a passion for mobile phones have been commenting on the rather puzzling manner in which Nokia recently announced the launch of its new flagship internet tablet model, the N900. The N900 was the centre-piece of the Nokia World event in Stuttgart, Germany, last month. One of few products to set loose […]

An interesting article on BrandRepublic: HERE Internet media spend has finally taken the lead over TV media i nthe UK. This, in part, has been because of the decline in TV ad spend this year. I wonder how much the media value will be for ads shown on video on-demand, online and mobile TV channels […]

Vodafone UK have today announced they will sell the iPhone from 2010. Interestingly they will position the device as more of a customer retention tool, than a business acquisition winner. This makes sense in light of O2 and Orange also having the product prior to Vodafone UK. The BBC reported the news this morning: HERE […]

This is a quick reference link page. The links below are mostly TV ads from mobile phone networks and retailers in the UK; they form part of the content from a series of mini-induction presentations. 3 Jellyfish Singing Cherry Music Treats Classroom Messages O2 It’s Your O2 See what you can do (neon) See what […]

Interesting stat from Google Internet Stats: A reported 28% of TV viewing time by UK broadband users (aged 16-55) is now on demand (either recorded for later viewing or using an on-demand TV service or watched on the Internet). Source: TNS/YouTube Media & Audience Study (broadband users aged 16-55), December 2008

As we slept in the UK last night, news broke of new worm and phishing scams on Twitter. Hacked accounts are sending phishing messages that replicate and send themselves on again to the readers’ contacts. Stephen Fry was the first clelebrity to have their Twitter account hacked. He has been apologising to his 750,000+ tweet […]

Here’s a thought. When you perceive a brand is starting to act erratically, out of character, or hear it communicating in a confused manner, do you think it’s trying to reposition itself? Is it being disruptive to grab your attention? Or do you think it is suffering from a psychosis? Psychosis is described by the […]

Vodafone have announced the launch of a new service in the press this weekend. Vodafone 360 will be a new social media aggregator and mobile phone application service. Read the story HERE

I’m hoping to get along to London Digital Week, it starts today. My interest has been caught by the different digital disciplines involved in the project; as the event includes input from design, advertising, architecture, fashion, development and interaction design. The event includes talent show-cases, workshops and conferences. It is being held across London’s Shoreditch, […]

Whilst the current recession has seen the rise of increasing specificity in recruitment briefs, the example below tickled me when I read it today. The job ad below is actually searching for a part-time copywriter who is fluent in Chinese. But when I read the ad for the first time, I wondered if they were […]

This week sees the release of back catalogue from The Beatles, re-mastered and released in digital format. The subject of who owns the Apple brand name and the rights to The Beatles’ music has been debated and sometimes challenged legally. Apple Corps and Apple Computers were still in legal dispute as recently as 2007. Further […]