Twitter worm & phishing scam claims celebrity scalp


As we slept in the UK last night, news broke of new worm and phishing scams on Twitter.

Hacked accounts are sending phishing messages that replicate and send themselves on again to the readers’ contacts.

Stephen Fry was the first clelebrity to have their Twitter account hacked. He has been apologising to his 750,000+ tweet followers, as his account invited readers to ‘earn $400 a day’ through the scam.

Mashable have been reporting the scam in general: HERE

Stephen Fry Tweet’s about the problem: HERE

I wonder if any brands that use Twitter will be hit and how they will handle the situation? They might learn something from Mr Fry in this situation, but perhaps adopt slightly less florid language. Exactly what are ‘weeping botty-onions’???

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