New flagship Nokia N900 – Doomed by a neglectful parent, or a small step on the way to future brilliance?


Twitterati and bloggers with a passion for mobile phones have been commenting on the rather puzzling manner in which Nokia recently announced the launch of its new flagship internet tablet model, the N900.

Nokia N900

Nokia N900

The N900 was the centre-piece of the Nokia World event in Stuttgart, Germany, last month. One of few products to set loose significant blog entries and tweets, in what was reported as an otherwise lack-lustre event.

Interestingly, Nokia executive vice president of markets, Anssi Vanjoki, made a presentation where he reminded the attendees of Nokia’s plans for internet tablet mobile phones. Their first product was the 770 back in 2004; that was apparently the first in five planned generations of internet tablet.

The new N900 was described at the launch as the 4th generation model. But Mr Vanjoki left the audience feeling this iPhone competitor would be shortly superseded by a new product – the 5th generation internet tablet (presumably using one of the fast new processors recently discussed on

To be fair, the N900 sounds like a high quality product. It clearly is an iPhone GS model competitor, with an ARM Cortex-A8 processor, 32GB memory, 3G HSDPA, wifi, GPS and 5mp camera. It also runs the latest upgrade of the Maemo operating system, Maemo 5.

But with Nokia’s masterpiece 5th gen model described as their blueprint for the future of mobile computing. Mr Vanjoki may have made the N900 seem obsolete at its launch. As well as giving their next internet tablet mobile one hell of a reputation to live up to when it finally arrives.

Could the N900 have been damned by faint praise by its parent?

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