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FIVE have picked up the ABC series FlashForward in the UK (thank you Dawn Airey). It’s an enjoyable show that has the critics in the States raving. The acting talent on-hand are excellent and the series pace is less frantic or cryptic than Lost, but still enjoyable. The cast is headed by Joseph Fiennes and […]

According to new research from mobileSQUARED and Lightspeed Research UK smartphone users are almost 3 times as likely to access the mobile Internet regularly as non-smartphone users. The figures from the new consumer survey show that 30.7 percent of UK smartphone users access the mobile Internet a few times a day or more in comparison […]

Felix Verarde’s blog is worth a read for his digital comment. A link to his thoughts on the beta trial of Google Wave is: HERE His findings in summary: If you wish to launch a personal communication and project collaboration tool, perhaps you should let large connected groups pilot it through Beta? Rather than 100,000 […]

Over the last decade the occasional anecdote has been dropped into presentations I’ve seen about either the resurgence of a media format, or the fact that formats don’t die, they simply multiply. Sadly in the case of vinyl, the music seems likely to come to a halt in the not-too-distant future; at least in the […]

A great TED Talk by John Gerzema. I just wish there were also reports for other regions of the world that covered the same points. But this US-orientated talk is well worth listening to for its interesting examples of how consumers have adjusted their behaviour and spending to live through the recession. Go to the […]