Mobile advertising; Subway, Toyota and Blackberry block book NFL fantasy leagues


David Katz, vice president of the Americas at Yahoo Mobile in California provided some interesting info today on Mobile Marketer in the US.

While announcing that Subway, Toyota and Blackberry have bought the mobile phone ad inventory for the NFL season across all of Yahoo’s various fantasy football platforms. He also discussed how he believes mobile phone marketing is maturing (aka overcoming tech restrictions and both poor design and implementation by agencies supplying the ads).

Subway will be using expandable and animated banner ads that open within the application (so they don’t open your iPhone’s browser unnecessarily). While Toyota will run ads that rely on a built-in HTML canvas within the application to enable mobile Web access for info on their cars; such as the Prius.

Mr Katz said “It’s an example of the maturity of the mobile advertising market. The challenge with many in-app ad experiences is that clicking on an ad causes the application to shut down and launch Safari, which can be disruptive. If you interrupt the user experience in a bad way, it can teach them not to click on ads.”

“Toyota and Subway are running ads that are integrated into the experience so when you click, the landing page opens in a clean way,” he said.

Subway and Toyota have block-booked ad inventory around Yahoo’s Fantasy Football application on the Apple iPhone. While Research in Motion (RIM), unsurprisingly, have booked the ad inventory around the Blackberry version of the Yahoo service, available in Blackberry App World.

The Subway banner campaign will link to a full-screen landing page that features a new sandwich and will allow you to find your nearest Subway store with ease.

While Toyota is running static and animated banner ads across Yahoo’s Fantasy Football mobile website and the iPhone application; this activity is part of its recently promised US$1bn investment in advertising in the USA over the next few months. There will be particular emphasis around the new Prius within the campaign.

Just as with the Subway landing page, when consumers close the Toyota mobile Web site, they will immediately be returned to the Yahoo Fantasy Football application.

Leaving the consumer in control of their mobile device and empowered by relevant mobile advertising is possibly seen as the next threshold in mobile digital media development.

Dan Butcher writes about this in more depth: HERE

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