Launch Day – Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2


While the length of the name increases with each iteration of the game. Today is a huge event for video gamers – whether PC or console players.

While I won’t be splashing out for the Playstation 3 version of the game that comes packaged with night vision goggles. I will be buying a copy of the game today – along with tens of thousands of other gamers.

I know of several other account planners who play this game. Unfortunately we all use different gaming platforms, so can’t play either as a unit or against each other.

A review has been posted by MTV HERE. They have been lucky enough to play the game for 200 hours already (hopefully with some sleep along the way).

Infinity Ward have something to say about their new game: HERE

See you in the Spetsnaz ranks on the UK PC servers. My call sign is Jangle.

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