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Gary Hayes’ excellent blog contains a great piece of coding, providing live data feeds for some social media stats. Visit: HERE

Mobile internet usage stats for Opera Mini are growing exponentially. Read about the 500 million daily mobile page views and how the average consumer is downloading 6mb of data on their mobile each month: HERE

2 links to check out: Eyetracker Neurosense

I caught up with some friends over the weekend and a trivia debate started off the back of the recent Music Radar survey for the Top 20 Guitar Riffs of all time. The top 5 were obvious, but the debate on the best, what’s in and what’s left out of the top rock guitar riffs […]

There was a time when people used to go for a drive, simply for the pleasure of driving. Traffic congestion, driving costs and environmental concerns may have all played a part in diminishing the pleasure of motoring. And it’s fair to say that many other pastimes have gripped our interest. But today as it rained […]

While marketers and politicians have made some small progress in reducing the environmental impact of product manufacture, marketing and distribution. One simple manufacturing and design idea caught my attention recently and holds some appeal. The question relates to the packaging of products and how the addition of paints, inks and embellishing processes use significant volumes […]