COI introduce a new 5 step marketing planning process


The Central Office of Information, who supply marketing campaigns to governemnt departments in the UK, have introduced a new 5 step planning process.

The new process is described as having a number of benefits:

· It makes it easier to identify where communications can play a role, and have the biggest impact.

· It allows for more realistic communications objectives to be set, driving more robust and meaningful evaluation.

· It makes it easier to select the most efficient and cost effective communications channels.

· It provides a unifying platform for both policy and communications.

The process itself is summarised as:

1. Identifying behaviours.

2. Understanding the influences.

3. Developing a practical model.

4. Building a marketing framework.

5. Creating a communications model.

I’m naturally suspicious of a marketing methodology that is called a behavioural change model and requires two models and a framework to implement. Is this overly complex? Or simply a case of using over-complicated Whitehall marketing speak for having the usual list of; a consumer insight, a single-minded proposition, a campaign theme, a media plan and agreed measures of effect?

But hopefully the idea of leveraging consumer insight to help change consumer behaviour will be more central to COI briefs from now on.

The COI have consulted some sensible and experienced marketing professionals in developing the system. Hopefully it will deliver better results for their campaigns.

Read more about it: HERE

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