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An interesting article has been posted by Dr Bob Deutsch discussing his work studying brain wave activity and blood flow in order to gauge consumer reaction to advertising stimulus. It seems that MRI scans may allow scientists to inform marketers what consumers don’t like when they view an ad, but not what they do like. […]

Ben Marsh has launched a real-time snow map, based on people Tweeting about snow where they are. Take a look: HERE

Read the article posted on BrandRepublic: HERE In summary, the updated ad media forecast for 2010 is improving a little, but not a lot.

Facebook: 350m registers global users and counting. Gordon MacMillan visited Facebook today and has posted some stats and news about the social media network: HERE

Speaking at the World Newspaper Congress in India today, Les Hinton, CEO of News Corps’ Dow Jones newspaper, has blamed the press of failing to monetise their journalism online. Dow Jones turns a healthy profit from online subscribers; but its content is highly sought after of course from the finaincial services industry. Les Hinton said […]