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90 trillion emails, 30 billion photo uploads to Facebook, 1.73 billion internet users, 234 million websites, 187 million domain names, 126 million blogs. Yes, the numbers behind digital activity in 2009 are simply astounding. Throw in 1 billion video downloads each day on YouTube for good measure and you start to wonder if people have […]

A new report from RJMetrics has indicated 83% of Twitter accounts were inactive in December 2009. While Twitter is still attracting around 6.2 million new users each month, the report also found that 80% of Twitter users had Tweeted fewer than 10 times. Let’s hope the inactive accounts belong to those who only Tweet the […]

Ortery have launched a new tool for businesses that wish to record showcase photo-animations of their products being displayed and rotated from different angles. The machine is called the Photosimile. The system creates movies in flash, GIF or Silverlight formats; with 72 pictures per 360-degree rotation, from zero through to 90 degrees. At around US$17,000, […]

Quick someone, invent a UV lamp that plugs into a USB or your X-box. Video games are being blamed for a rise in Rickets (Vitamin D deficiency) in the UK. Read more: HERE While the rise in myopia in the eyesight of kids has been proven to relate to the decrease in natural daylight they […]

My client has announced that they have now sold over 100,000 iPhones in the first 8 days since their launch on the network in the U.K. Read more: HERE

Rudy De Waele has trawled through the topic of Mobile Trends to capture the views of a number of consultants and commentators. Read his presentation on Slideshare: HERE His blog, m-trends, is: HERE

Today the UK is crisper than a tube of Pringles. There’s a great satellite photo in the press, copied : HERE