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Supermarket advertising in the UK seems to largely revolve around price reduction or celebrity chef endorsement. The quality of the food, or how to do something new and different with it, also gets an occasional mention. But when was the last time you perceived you gained great value, or even savings, from the products you […]


An interesting report from emarketer: HERE

Time magazine list the 10 most uncomfortable press conferences: HERE 1. Sticky Situations – Teary T.O. 2. So, About That Appalachian Trail Thing … 3. Robert Gibbs Gets Testy 4. Lance Armstrong’s Fighting Words 5. Women’s Basketball Is Emotional 6. Bush Bows Out 7. Transparency to an Extent 8. Blagojevich Skirts the Issue 9. Larry […]

An interesting article from The Harvard Business Review’s Daily Stat. They claim weaker businesses suffer margin swings of 3x to 5x those experienced by the market leaders during economic downturns. Read more: HERE

“One speaks Spanish to gods, French to men, Italian to women, and German to horses. One never speaks foul English to anyone ever.” De Gaulle Thanks go to Dave Trott for tweeting this quote.

In recent days Toyota and Honda have both announced car recalls, due to safety concerns. But here is a completely different product I spotted an urgent recall notice for. Just how many loose sequins does it take for a dress to be classified as a hazard?

The final Season of Lost has started on ABC in the US and on Sky 1 in the UK. Like many I will be downloading my Lost fix from iTunes. But the Peer to Peer file share servers are no-doubt set to do brisk business over coming weeks; as people around the world clamour to […]

Interesting article in The Times Online: HERE The article includes reference to the launch of the new McItaly burger, that sold 100,000 in one day. This product is entirely sourced from local produce in the country. There is also information on how McDonald’s responded to the recession by introducing products at a new mid-price point […]

The British Library have scanned tens of thousands of books in their fiction archive from the 19th Centrury and are preparing to make them available for free download. Users of Kindle and other ebook readers will be able to access over 65,000 books initially, including works from Charles Dickens, Jane Austin and Thomas Hardy. Over […]

View the full details on HERE View the range: HERE

While few brands have so far employed augmented reality as anything other than a digital media novelty. The kid’s fashion brand Brights and Stripes are now embracing the fun aspect of augmented reality in a new clothing range. Does this result in what the brand claim is Experiential Clothing? Or simply a fun gimmick to […]

The Obama camp famously embraced social media in helping build the support that led to victory in their Presidential campaign. But the newly installed team in the White House soon found out that when you invite people to tell you what they think, their thoughts may not be quite what you had in mind. One […]

An interesting article on best practice in mobile crowd sourcing from Global Intelligence Alliance: HERE

Nokia unveil the digital campaign that allows consumers to participate in SMS messaging onto the world’s largest signpost. See the video: HERE