The 10 Strangest Questions For President Obama


The Obama camp famously embraced social media in helping build the support that led to victory in their Presidential campaign.

But the newly installed team in the White House soon found out that when you invite people to tell you what they think, their thoughts may not be quite what you had in mind.

One of the pre-election tools for the Obama campaign included the facility for people to propose new legislation and then have others vote on the ideas put forward. The hope was that popular causes and issues would be easily identified and perhaps become part of the campaign pledge.

This unfortunately backfired, when the wish to legalise canabis for medical use become the suggestion with the most votes of support.

Over a year later and Citizen Tube have released their Top 10 for the strangest questions people wanted to ask President Obama. Citizen Tube interviewed the President yesterday on YouTube and invited the public to send in questions for the interview.

They received over 11,000 questions. The most bizarre are: Here

The Top 10
– Most colourful questions the public wanted to ask President Obama:

1. “For most of my life I was raised in West Philadelphia. Finances forced me to move to Bel Air with my Aunt and Uncle. What are you going to do about areas like the one I lived in?”
– William Smith, Los Angeles

2. “How do you feel about Nancy Peloci capturing our attention with her cat cam, then rick rolling us in the end?”
– Anonymous

3. “Why did you name your dog, Bo, after yourself?”
– Mary Smithiers, Seattle

4. “Why does God hate the Vikings?”
– Depressed, Minnesota

5. “Could you win in a fight against Wolverine? Don’t even pretend like you could, you totally can’t.”
– Jack, Redding, CA

6. Mr. President, when are you going to stop the war between ninjas and pirates? Surely it is in your hands to stop such a crisis. The war has been going for trillions of years and it needs to be put to a halt once and for all.”
– Daniel, New Zealand

7. “Do you play World of Warcraft? If yes, which class and faction do you have?”
– Gustaffa, Slovakia

8. “I know I speak for a lot of Americans when I say we love you and believe in you. Do you pinky-swear to try your hardest to push through some of the legislation you talked about last night? Remember: the pinky-swear is binding in court.”
– Justin, Carmen Sandiego

9. Mr. President, there is no doubt that you are a busy and stressed man. My question relates to your “down time”. I just want to know if you like to go fishing and if so, would it be possible for me to go fishing with you one day?”
– Robert B., Keller, TX

10. “Mr. President, I just want to tell you how I’m feeling, America is not gonna give you up, nor let you down. We are not going to desert you. How do you feel about Internet censorship?”
– Broghan, Virginia

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