British Library release 65,000 works of 19th Century fiction for download


The British Library

The British Library have scanned tens of thousands of books in their fiction archive from the 19th Centrury and are preparing to make them available for free download.

Users of Kindle and other ebook readers will be able to access over 65,000 books initially, including works from Charles Dickens, Jane Austin and Thomas Hardy.

Over 35% of the works being released are believed to be unavailable in other public libraries and difficult to find in second-hand or internet bookshops. Whilst such scarcity may reflect poor quality in the literature in many cases, The British Library recognise that publishers and marketing influence the public’s taste for fiction. So there may well be hundreds of literary gems amongst the huge hoarde of content that is being made available.

The works are digitised from the original books, rather than scanned and re-typeset via OCR software. So the digital versions should retain some of the look of the original printed pages.

The collection is to be made available for free download by the public from this spring.

Read more in The Times Online: HERE

The British Library online is: HERE

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