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An interesting report from emarketer: HERE

Time magazine list the 10 most uncomfortable press conferences: HERE 1. Sticky Situations – Teary T.O. 2. So, About That Appalachian Trail Thing … 3. Robert Gibbs Gets Testy 4. Lance Armstrong’s Fighting Words 5. Women’s Basketball Is Emotional 6. Bush Bows Out 7. Transparency to an Extent 8. Blagojevich Skirts the Issue 9. Larry […]

An interesting article from The Harvard Business Review’s Daily Stat. They claim weaker businesses suffer margin swings of 3x to 5x those experienced by the market leaders during economic downturns. Read more: HERE

“One speaks Spanish to gods, French to men, Italian to women, and German to horses. One never speaks foul English to anyone ever.” De Gaulle Thanks go to Dave Trott for tweeting this quote.