Archive for April 28th, 2010

HBR have a new article that contains a reference to how it’s possible to generate better insights when you notice Weak Activations. And how emotional states affect our business performance. Read the article: HERE

Hulu have reportedly been unable to secure interest from ITV in the UK. And Channel 4 and FIVE’s existing video-on-demand agreements appear to preclude them from supplying content for Hulu. However Five is reportedly expanding its digital team and seeking deals with games consoles and TV manufacturers to become a key destination for video-on-demand. So […]

As Twitter approach the 1 billion SMS Tweet level per month, from its 105 million registered users; the company today announced the acquisition of Cloudhopper for an undisclosed sum. Twitter have worked with Cloudhopper for nearly 9 months, using the service to grow faster and develop connections with mobile networks worldwide. The acquisition will see […]