Hulu caught short for support in UK launch discussions


Hulu have reportedly been unable to secure interest from ITV in the UK. And Channel 4 and FIVE’s existing video-on-demand agreements appear to preclude them from supplying content for Hulu.

However Five is reportedly expanding its digital team and seeking deals with games consoles and TV manufacturers to become a key destination for video-on-demand. So perhaps Hulu simply haven’t hit the financial or audience profile sweet spots in their initial discussions with UK channels?

So here’s a thought; Why shouldn’t Hulu negotiate with the top 20 independent TV production companies in the UK, instead of the TV channels?

The story from HERE

News Excerpt:

Hulu scraps plans to launch in UK
Wed, 28 Apr 2010 | By Jessica Davies

Hulu has axed plans to launch its online TV service in the UK after talks with the major British broadcasters collapsed, according to a report in The Telegraph.

Senior broadcasting executives said Hulu wouldn’t be launching in the UK for the foreseeable future because it has been unable to gain any traction in the UK video-on demand market, which is becoming increasingly crowded.

The US ad-supported VOD platform, which is owned by News Corp, NBC Universal and The Walt Disney Company, was understood to be involved in talks with broadcasters, particularly ITV, but has failed to sign any content deals.

It’s understood Channel 4 and Five’s partnerships with SeeSaw and YouTube blocked the US platform from making further moves. ITV still refuses to sign content deals with aggregators, preferring to focus on driving traffic to its own site and player.

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