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Twitter Venn


Martin Bailie at Glue introduced me to this interesting app. It searches for mentions of 2 or 3 words you wish to compare on Twitter. The app then plots the frequency of the words and the overlap between them being mentinoed within the same Tweet. The results appear as both as a Venn Diagram and […]

Over the last few months spammers have started to plague the plannersphere wiki set up by Russell Davies. The wiki is a resource about planning and planners, with contributions and links from planners and recruitment agents. I’ve stepped in to help administer the plannersphere wiki from today, as Russell was finding the level of spam […]

With just a few days between them, the final episode of ABC’s Lost (Season 6) comes just after the final one for the BBC’s Ashes To Ashes. There are several parallells between the two series; the ensemble casts, the twisting plot lines, elements of time travel, a heroine who doesn’t quite end up with the […]

A reminder of the key stats for Facebook, compiled by There is also more info and comment at Digital Buzz Blog: HERE There is also an interesting presentation on social media marketing for Facebook on SlideShare from Janice Diner: HERE What Businesses Should Do With Facebook

Google have joined in the 30th Anniverary celebrations for Pac-Man today, with an interactive rich media version of their logo on the UK search engine page. It’s the first time I’ve noticed the Google logo become interactive. The load time is optimised and the game play seems smooth and in keeping with the original feel […]

An interesting article regarding the need for more strategic brainpower within digital agencies; as some digital agencies have moved into the space of rapid campaign implementers, rather than thought leaders or market changers. Readers of The Financial Times will have recently seen a survey by the CMO Council forecasting a slight decline in the need […]

News from NMA about the approval of the proposed IPTV service, called Project Canvas, by the OFT. The proposed IPTV service involves the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Five, BT, Talk Talk and Arqiva. Read more: HERE NMA.COM Project Canvas cleared by OFT Wed, 19 May 2010 | By Jessica Davies The Office of Fair Trading […]

There is, I believe, a very fine line in judging design. Go too far in one direction and you risk sounding like Brian Sewell (learn to speak like Brian Sewell: Here) Wander too far in the other direction and, in a near perfect circle, you start to sound like Brian Badondi – Bau. But the […]

Nkuba Kyeyo


In a research debrief I heard a passing mention of ‘Nkuba Kyeyo.’ Wondering if this was some new form of Japanese management practice or suchlike, I asked the origin of the term. Nkuba Kyeyo are economic migrants from Uganda. The term translates as ‘I sweep’, but has come to represent the name for all economic […]

Spotify today opened their free digital music streaming service to all UK web users. Previously users needed to supply friends with an invite to register for ad-funded Spotify, but now the door is open to all for this freemium service. The ad-free Unlimited service is available to UK listeners at £4.99 per month. While the […]

I have to admit that this article really hit the sweet spot for me. It demonstrates a quality of insight and originality in creativity that should be more common, but simply isn’t always present in digital campaigns. The article also demonstrates how a great idea needn’t be executed with huge creative execution or media costs […]

A wonderful photo captured by Tracey Barber. As we await the results of the General Election, there is a certain sense of inevitatbility about the two signs outside this polling station.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Max Planck, Nobel Physicist

As the polling stations open in under 12 hours time to allow voting in the UK General Election, I’ve decided to mention a couple of sites that have some interesting forecast stats. I’ve also decided to take the plunge make my own prediction for the results. Electoral Calculus have stats based on robust survey volumes: […]