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I know a lot of planners generate ideas through reading stimulus that is characterised by its obliquity (some would say irrelevance) to the subject directly at hand. But I’ve just caught myself working along a train of thought that has leapt from a problem in a brief I’m tackling to remembering a point made by […]

Over the last few years several innovations have suggested light may be generated for buildings or streets through man-made power. The child’s see-saw designed to power schools in Africa, or the street lighting (mostly ambient or art installations) readily come to mind. But another use for pedestrian power, where human movement is used to generate […]

Jellio, the designers behind the Gummi Bear lamp and lots of fun home and office furnishings have added some more design work to their site. Take a look: HERE As well as selling designer furniture and household accessories to the public, they also take on bespoke design briefs for companies. Take a look at some […]

An interesting Jeff Bezos interview, courtesy of Fortune Magazine is: HERE Given the recent sales levels achieved by the Apple iPad (3 million in under 3 months) and iPhone 4 (I forecast as 4 milion in under 4 weeks), and their inclusion of the iBooks app. I believe Kindle sales and Amazon profits may struggle […]

The BBC Trust has given the green light, with some parameters, for Project Canvas to proceed. The project puts together a partnership of UK broadcasters, internet, teleco and entertainment businesses. The project will create an open, internet-connected, television platform built on common standards by the United Kingdom’s terrestrial broadcasters BBC, Channel 4, ITV plc, Five […]

There was a distinctive, if expensive, piece of advertising from HSBC today. They chose to make a final call for entries in their Business Thinking 2010 Programme, by placing a tracing paper style wrap over the front and back pages of The Daily Telegraph. I wonder is this ran on all copies, or regionally? I […]

Microsoft created something right with Bing; a search engine that finds what you search for and does look great, because of its background images. The launch of Bing was quite a coup for Microsoft, because they hadn’t performed well in the search engine space, but started to gain some traction with a clearly differentiated product. […]

We all know the internet has foibles and things sometimes go wrong. Here is an example of honesty from the web browser Firefox.

Well yes, there have been some interesting leaks. A lost product found in a bar in the US, as well as chassis parts made in SE Asia vodcast from Portugal. All cloak and dagger stuff amid much media speculation. But in just under an hour Steve Jobs is due to unveil the new Apple iPhone […]

Here is the list of the top 101 music artists I listen to, according to Last.FM.

Kevin McCloud, from Channel 4’s Grand Designs, presents his lecture to the Royal Institute of British Architects RIBA Trust Annual Lecture 2010 – Kevin McCloud: Part 1 from RIBA on Vimeo. RIBA Trust Annual Lecture 2010 – Kevin McCloud: Part 2 from RIBA on Vimeo. RIBA Trust Annual Lecture 2010 – Kevin McCloud: Part 3 […]

The point, often missed, about rigorous thinking is that it needs to be applied to have any effect.

A wonderful viral from CCCP for Hi-Tec.

“When did research become a replacement for common sense?” Liz Brown, Copy Writer, 2010 I love this phrase. I was present when Liz uttered it. I love the sense of disbelief it conveys that some people would happily research everything, rather than think first. Sadly these people do exist, no-doubt there will be a field […]