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The purpose of marketing research is to gain insight that is commercially informative and valuable; helping to identify issues, enhance business decision making and improve competitive performance.

I’ve just used a useful image optimisation tool that allows you to upload and instantly download a resized and reformatted version of your image for free. As I didn’t have Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop to hand, it made a quick and useful alterntive. Try Image Optimizer: HERE

A review of the latest Skype app, which takes advantage of the new Apple iPhone 4’s multi-tasking feature, has appeared on CNET. The app provides free WiFi and 3G phone call connectivity. Read the review on CNET: HERE

Today is the 41st anniversary of the first moon landing. Apollo 11’s successful mission was carried to the moon via a Saturn V rocket, still believed to be the most complex item ever assembled in the world. The Saturn V was comprised of some 3 million individual parts. The Apollo 11 mission was the first […]

“You’ve got to explore everywhere. You’ve got to explore the sky too.” Source: Mick Jagger, discussing his dissatisfaction in making Exile on Main St., arguably the greatest Rolling Stones album ever.

I recently enjoyed working on a pitch for a Caribbean island tourism account. Research provided some useful insights. The creative concepts produced were more differentiating and appealing to consumers when compared to the the existing campaign. The media plan was clearly very cost-effective, and the team genuinely worked and presented well together. Coming second in […]