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Familiar objects sometimes become invisible. Seeing something everyday, we sometimes accept it without looking into its origin. Printers and copy writers have used a section of Latin text, known as Lorem Ipsum, since the fifteenth Century. It is dropped into documents as a place holder, to indicate where the final words will eventually be positioned […]

Just a thought, but if Justin Ramsden, an enthusiast of building things with Lego, can create a recognisable and artistic representation of Amy Winehouse in only 3,000 Lego bricks; why do we need 12 million mega pixel cameras to take a decent photo? Admittedly my main assumption is a little tenuous, in that I assume […]

Twitter are about to launch an official Tweet button, with counter, for third party websites and blogs. This will allow blog posts and web page url’s to be Tweeted with comments by Twitter users, while showing how many times the item has been referenced so far on Twitter.

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