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YouTube has recently started to recieve more videos from people witnessing storms while cruising. The one above has been mentioned by the MD of P&O in London today as a situation simply unlikely to be experienced on their Northern Hemisphere fleet. The original video that sparked the media attention was from an Australian cruise from […]

Bing Down


I’ve been experiencing a lot of digital service outages recently. Twitter and Four Square in the last few days, and Microsoft’s search engine service, Bing, has gone down today. I wonder what the problem is?

Design hit or miss? I think I’ll need to phone an iFriend to find out?

Lost Epilogue


The 12 minute epilogue for Lost Series 6 has been sufacing online. It answers some of the outstanding ‘what was that all about?’ storylines that were loose ends left out of the final episodes. Enjoy: Here

Tag Galaxy


Here’s another plug for Tag Galaxy. I still find this a very useful search tool for exploring themes using Flickr photo tags. Check out Tag Galaxy: Here

Interbrand’s annual brand report is now out. Read the full details: Here The Top 10 1 Coca-Cola 70,452 ($m) 2 IBM 64,727 ($m) 3 Microsoft 60,895 ($m) 4 Google 43,557 ($m) 5 GE 42,808 ($m) 6 McDonald’s 33,578 ($m) 7 Intel 32,015 ($m) 8 Nokia 29,495 ($m) 9 Disney 28,731 ($m) 10 Hewlett-Packard 26,867 ($m) […]

Crayola went through an explosion of product colour development in the 1990’s. While part of me would like to think this is all about the Long Tail, it really just seems to be about extending the existing product line until there’s no additional profit generated. If it wanted to innovate, the brand might have extended […]

Interesting stats for Twitter from Raffi Krikorian: Here Including this summary of how Tweets flowed during the recent World Cup.

The need to get data to reveal it’s story in more compelling ways is becoming increasingly important. I’ve enjoyed checking through some examples of data visualisation that bring numbers and information patterns to life. Some of the most engaging: Here Some more of the best: Here Some of the rest: Here

Could 10 / 10 / 10 Day, on 10th October 2010, be a bit of a let down? There’s no sizzle of faux danger for example, such as there was over the fictitious 00 / 00 / 00 date, when the millennium bug was meant to reset computers around the world, causing havoc just after […]

It looks like the recent unnamed Google Doodle logos were promoting the official launch of Google Instant Search. A useful function, but one that I got used to so quickly that I stopped noticing it was there in recent weeks. Anyway, Google have a version of Instant Search working on mobile phones now too apparantly. […]

The Google Doodle logo is fun today, a collection of coloured balls animate and interact with the mouse cursor. But what is the occasion? A Google launch perhaps? My son thinks it’s celebrating ‘Back to school day.’

Steve Jobs presents all the news about waht is coming soon at the keynote Apple event. Highlights include: New iPods, New OS, new iTunes with social media integtration, as well as new Apple TV with movie and TV show rental. Part 1: Here Part 2: Here 2 Part 3: Here 3 Part 4: Here 4 […]

The new 4 wheel drive 4 door Mini launches with the support of an interesting CGI ad from BSUR & Smuggler. 6.5 out of 10? Agency: BSUR, Amsterdam Client: MINI Creative Director: Jason Schragger Creative Director: Paulo Martins Copywriter: Gian Carlo Lanfranco Copywriter: Ben Tucker Art Director: Rolando Cordova Art Director: Rob Phillips Agency Producer: […]