Interbrand Launch Best Global Brands Report 2010


Interbrand’s annual brand report is now out.

Read the full details: Here

The Top 10

1 Coca-Cola 70,452 ($m)
2 IBM 64,727 ($m)
3 Microsoft 60,895 ($m)
4 Google 43,557 ($m)
5 GE 42,808 ($m)
6 McDonald’s 33,578 ($m)
7 Intel 32,015 ($m)
8 Nokia 29,495 ($m)
9 Disney 28,731 ($m)
10 Hewlett-Packard 26,867 ($m)

If Google sustain the rate of growth they have enjoyed over the last year, they should over take Microsot and IBM in the next year or two on this league table. Apple have also seen a huge positive shift in their valuation and ranking on the table, moving them up to 17th in the Global Top 100, with a value of 21,143 ($m) – rapidly approaching the global valuations of BMW and HP. While Blackberry continue their strong performance, particulalry via USA and Asia Pacific growth. Although recent problems have come to a head in the Islamic states in the Middle East and Central Asia, due to the encryption of data using Blackberry servers.

Who took the biggest fall this year in valuation? Toyota? GE? UBS? Dell? No, they all tumbled, but Harley Davidson took the biggest fall while still remaining within the 100.

Unsurprisingly BP didn’t make the cut and don’t appear in the table, while Shell enjoyed a 24% increase in their valuation.

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