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The latest ad in T-Mobile UK’s Life’s For Sharing campaign has broken. Saatchi have dialed up the level of genuine consumer reaction and emotion nicely as this campaign has progressed. There’s no longer the suspicion that the professional participants are masquerading as consumers when the genuine response from the public is shown. The set sequences […]

Halloween 2010


I managed to catch a Seth Regan concert for Halloween. Seth plays a mix of self-penned tunes that sit him somewhere between Kings of Leon, James Blunt and Pink Floyd, as well as singing from a huge cover repertoire. The show had a packed audience at the Four Seasons in SL and many of his […]

Google are celebrating what would have been John Lennon’s 70th birthday with an animated doodle this weekend. Another doodle logo also appears alongside John Lennon videos on YouTube.

An interesting piece of research from the Orange Mobile Exposure Study 2010 shows that Europeans prefer using Browsers to Apps. The info is: Here This fairly states where we are today, but understates where we are heading. As more people access the internet through digital devices (mobile phones, slates, tablets etc.) App access will continue […]



Comparison is the measure of justice and the destroyer of happiness.



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