Browser vs. Apps: Orange Mobile Exposure Study vs. Wired magazine


An interesting piece of research from the Orange Mobile Exposure Study 2010 shows that Europeans prefer using Browsers to Apps. The info is: Here

This fairly states where we are today, but understates where we are heading. As more people access the internet through digital devices (mobile phones, slates, tablets etc.) App access will continue to rise.

Wired Magazine declared the internet dead a couple of months back, long live the App was there take on the issue of Browser vs. App. I think they may be right, it’s just they are ahead of the curve. Read Wired’s US-centric take: Here

Apps will continue to see significant growth in adoption, particularly as they optimise and enhance the user experience relative to the digital platform you access content from. Browsers are jack-of-all-trades; but clearly fail to operate as well on some platforms in their current incarnations. Partly this is due to issues of compatibility, processor power and lack of suitable UI.

The internet browser may not be dead, but it clearly isn’t well.

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