T-Mobile Welcome Back


The latest ad in T-Mobile UK’s Life’s For Sharing campaign has broken. Saatchi have dialed up the level of genuine consumer reaction and emotion nicely as this campaign has progressed. There’s no longer the suspicion that the professional participants are masquerading as consumers when the genuine response from the public is shown. The set sequences unfold and grow in scale and elaboration nicely throughout the ad.

Saatchi and the T-Mobile client should be pleased with the positive emotive response this will build. A real heartstring tug of an ad.

And here’s a reminder of where the camapign started from.

One Response to “T-Mobile Welcome Back”

  1. 1 Ed Madden

    Hi Kevin

    Agree – I love this ad. There’s a strong feel good factor here which makes you think about friends and family. The link to communication is nice as it might make me pick up the phone, however, not sure it would prompt me to choose T-Mobile over any other network. Maybe not T-Mobile’s fault? Does the commoditisation of airtime/data provision prevent any network from truly generating brand affinity/loyalty?

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