Chinese designer turns iPod Touch into an iPhone with Apple Peel adaptor


A designer in Shenzen, China, has created an adaptor for the Apple iPod Touch that turns it into a mobile phone; providing many iPhone features at a fraction of the price for iPod owners.

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While the iPod Touch has less RAM memory than a true iPhone, the functional and financial benefits are clear with the adapted iPod product. The Apple Peel adaptor contains a SIM card, battery and dock connector. It allows mobile voice calls and continues to function as a normal iPod Touch; supporting music, media, wifi, email, iTunes Store Apps etc.

I wonder when Apple will respond to this development? For years Apple advertising invited people to Think Different. but I’m guessing the company would prefer consumers to express their individuality and thinking prowess by buying the most popular smartphone on the planet, the iPhone, rather than through embracing this after-market adaption.

Unlike illegal grey-market fake iPhones, that have been available via Hong Kong for some time, the Apple Peel is positioned as an unofficial aftermarket add-on for the iPod Touch, rather than as an illegal iPhone clone.

The Apple iPhone costs between $588 – $740 in China, which pushes it out of the reach of most Chinese people. An iPod Touch costs from around $235 – still out of reach for many. But the Apple Peel sells for $57 and allows the consumer to pop their mobile SIM in and start making calls on their existing network using their iPod Touch.

Their mobile network data downloading fees, voice and text bundle charges still apply. The Apple Peek doesn’t support 3G and there is a short delay in speech calls when using the mobile function. It also isn’t possible to delete or forward SMS texts while using the adaptor; but these restrictions still leave the user with many iPhone-like functions.

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