Xmarks acquired by LastPass


I’ve used Xmarks to back up and share my Bookmarks/Favourites from web browsers on PCs and Macs at home, at work and on the move for the last few years. The system works well whether you wish to keep one organised list of Bookmarks/Favourites on FireFox or Internet Explorer, or both.

Xmarks ran into financial difficulties this year, as they sort an investor or buyer. A campaign amongst users promised to help support the free service through part-investment. But Xmarks gave notice that it would cease operating shortly.

At the 11th hour, LastPass have stepped in to purchase Xmarks and allow the service to continue to operate. They will continue the free service, as well as offering additional, subscription, services.

The Xmarks user community stands at over 4.5 million users syncing more than 1 billion bookmarks across 5 million computers.

Read the full story: HERE


One Response to “Xmarks acquired by LastPass”

  1. 1 Mark Reynolds

    Most gamers know the story of the hundreds of thousands of game cartridges Atari crushed, encased in concrete, then buried in Alamogordo, New Mexico.

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