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In the 1980’s the slogan went ‘Home taping is killing music. Music retail survived longer than cassette tape. But in the noughties Apple’s iTunes Store caused the death of several retail music store chains. In the U.K. Woolworths, Zavvi and, before the end of this year, HMV all closed their high street stores. HMV have […]

30 million people installed the eBay App to mobile devices, such as the iPhone or Android smartphones, in 2010. They then went shopping to the tune of $230m. Read more at Tech Crunch: HERE

Steve Jobs sent this email to Apple staff today: Team, At my request, the board of directors has granted me a medical leave of absence so I can focus on my health. I will continue as CEO and be involved in major strategic decisions for the company. I have asked Tim Cook to be responsible […]

The Long Term Evolution (LTE), or specification of the platform 4G mobile networks will operate on is gaining pace. Huawei in China have spent the last few years developing patents for the new technology and have outlined their ambition for the sector globally. By 2015, Huawei plan to control 15–20% of the worldwide patents in […]

We’ve all been there. You click a link from a search engine or on a website, only to find the page is missing. Welcome to the world of the 404 Error Page. Lost pages are increasingly collected and celebrated. See some examples form Mashable: HERE My 2 favourites

This tablet orientated update for Android is due for release in February 2011, it will debut on the Motorola Xoom. Info on the Xoom is: HERE Xoom Headline Spec * Processor : 1 GHz , Dual core processor * RAM : 512 MB * Internal Memory : 32 GB * External Memory : Micro SD […]

From memory the new Agency BEING has roots in the UK with a number of previous Omnicom acquisitions, mergers and rebranding exercises. Start with Option One (a sales promotion agency with some DM) and merge this with GGT Direct; creating Option One/GGT. Then take Tequila and merge this with Payne Stracey, making the inevitable Tequila […]

I took over the running of the Plannersphere wiki back in May last year. This is a wiki about account planning, with content from planners and contacts for planners; blogs, twitter feeds, strategy events and things planners generally find interesting. It was set up by Russell Davies, but he is a busy guy and hadn’t […]

Blog Post Title & Number of Views Home page 39 Banksy quote: ‘The thing I hate the most about advertising…’ 28 Demographics for US Presidential Election 2008 14 About me 9 Planner blogs 7 Sky High – Marble Sounds and and Miwako Shimizu 7 Graphic Design – Don’t Believe Your Eyes 6 Marketing brands to […]

What did I learn today? HSPA+ (aka HSPA Evolved) = > HSDPA and a major step toward LTE flat architecture. Wikipedia explains the mobile network acronym speak in tech detail: HERE But in short: 4G has yet to be approved as a consistent mobile network standard, or set of standards. 3G has already been upgraded […]

An entertaining season of TED Talks has been outlined, details of the speakers: HERE Highlights for me include: Rajesh Rao, Computational Neuroscientist – developing computer models to understanding how the brain works Stanley McChrystal, 4-Star General – talks about fusing intelligence and operations Aaron Koblin, Data Artist – Using community-generated data to reflect on cultural […]

Interesting post here on GAGARIN This idea is based on de Bono’s ‘6 thinking hats’ method to creative critical thinking. In this case colour pencils are used as a tool for coding comments generated during brainstorms by the participants. Each participant selects one pencil and then approaches the discussion with a mindset matching the pencil’s […]

No, it’s not the latest TV ad for Orange in the UK. This is Sky High, a great new Marble Sounds tune & video. Love the animation style. Visit Vimeo to watch it: SKY HIGH Performed by Marble Sounds and Miwako Shimizu

An interesting article from Becca Caddy, posted on Reputation Online: HERE Visit their site for links to the source of each prediction Becca has kindly summarised. 5th January 2011 1. Social search Bing and Google have been experimenting with the potential of social search and this will only continue into 2011. However, in 33 Digital’s […]

Back in May 2007 I wrote about a breakthrough 3D printer that was bringing the technology into the reach of universities and design businesses (read: Here). The technology lets you fabricate parts in 3D, printing whatever you design in 3D software. The technology has moved on again, bringing Fab Lab style 3D printing into the […]

Apple are having an increasingly hard time keeping the iPad 2 underwraps before it’s official reveal and April 2011 launch. See the report below revealing the form factor (thinner, more curved edges like a enlarged iPod Touch, 2 cameras, plus double the current HD size and solid state drive options). If the processor speed and […]