People read about 50 different things here today


Blog Post Title & Number of Views

Home page 39

Banksy quote: ‘The thing I hate the most about advertising…’ 28

Demographics for US Presidential Election 2008 14

About me 9

Planner blogs 7

Sky High – Marble Sounds and and Miwako Shimizu 7

Graphic Design – Don’t Believe Your Eyes 6

Marketing brands to teenagers in the U.K. 5

Snow, hail, lightening, sunshine – 4 seasons in one day? 5

Competitive Set Brand Matrix 5

3D Printing Verges On Pro-Hobby Pricing 3

6 Thinking Pencils 3

Raising the pulse of women by 20% and being distinctly recognisable 3

Ted 2011 – Speaker List 3

A fablab in your home – 3D printing for the masses 3

People read about 45 different things here today 3

A round up of predictions for 2011 from across the blogosphere 3

41st anniversary of the first moon landing 3

Market research: insight or simply observation? 2

Adam & Eve – the genesis of a new agency 2

I’m loving it 2

CoolBrands UK top 20 results 2008/09 2

Personal Brand – Identity Guidelines 2

CoolBrands UK Top 20 2009/2010 2

Mobile network acronym bingo: What comes next before the 4G mobile network standard is agreed? 2

iPad 2 Prototype Slips Into View 2

Collaborative design in a floating world 2

Music 2

Surface computing – interactive floor projected video games 2

When brand straplines go awry – the end of Just Doing It? 2

One nation under cctv – new Banksy More stats 1

That’s a view I could use 1

Misery Bear – Dawn of the Ted 1

Browser vs. Apps: Orange Mobile Exposure Study vs. Wired magazine More stats 1

Luxury fashion brand window display examples 1

Thermochromatic Colour Changing Wallpaper 1

Death of an agency: Shop closes (Campbell Doyle Dye) 1

Bottle top design – representing the brand in brief 1

Out of africa 1

Lego – The Brick Thief 1

Genuine fake brands – Turkish copyright infringement in volume 1

30% of UK smartphone users access mobile internet several times a day or more 1

Innovative use of currency in outdoor advertising spotlights hyper-inflation in Zimbabwe 1

Account Planner Survey 2010 – Time to take part again 1

Wealth index: average income for the top 20 areas in England and Wales 1

Thoughts 1

Plannersphere wiki 1

FlashForward – FIVE select a great series from the makers of Lost and 24 1

The Spirit of Ecstasy 1

Karoshi – death by overworking 1

Total views of 50 different posts on the blog today 193


2 Responses to “People read about 50 different things here today”

  1. umm congrats? way to keep track of your visits :) more power to you!

  1. 1 scaffolding wraps

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