People read about 50 different things here today


Blog Post Title & Number of Views

Home page 39

Banksy quote: ‘The thing I hate the most about advertising…’ 28

Demographics for US Presidential Election 2008 14

About me 9

Planner blogs 7

Sky High – Marble Sounds and and Miwako Shimizu 7

Graphic Design – Don’t Believe Your Eyes 6

Marketing brands to teenagers in the U.K. 5

Snow, hail, lightening, sunshine – 4 seasons in one day? 5

Competitive Set Brand Matrix 5

3D Printing Verges On Pro-Hobby Pricing 3

6 Thinking Pencils 3

Raising the pulse of women by 20% and being distinctly recognisable 3

Ted 2011 – Speaker List 3

A fablab in your home – 3D printing for the masses 3

People read about 45 different things here today 3

A round up of predictions for 2011 from across the blogosphere 3

41st anniversary of the first moon landing 3

Market research: insight or simply observation? 2

Adam & Eve – the genesis of a new agency 2

I’m loving it 2

CoolBrands UK top 20 results 2008/09 2

Personal Brand – Identity Guidelines 2

CoolBrands UK Top 20 2009/2010 2

Mobile network acronym bingo: What comes next before the 4G mobile network standard is agreed? 2

iPad 2 Prototype Slips Into View 2

Collaborative design in a floating world 2

Music 2

Surface computing – interactive floor projected video games 2

When brand straplines go awry – the end of Just Doing It? 2

One nation under cctv – new Banksy More stats 1

That’s a view I could use 1

Misery Bear – Dawn of the Ted 1

Browser vs. Apps: Orange Mobile Exposure Study vs. Wired magazine More stats 1

Luxury fashion brand window display examples 1

Thermochromatic Colour Changing Wallpaper 1

Death of an agency: Shop closes (Campbell Doyle Dye) 1

Bottle top design – representing the brand in brief 1

Out of africa 1

Lego – The Brick Thief 1

Genuine fake brands – Turkish copyright infringement in volume 1

30% of UK smartphone users access mobile internet several times a day or more 1

Innovative use of currency in outdoor advertising spotlights hyper-inflation in Zimbabwe 1

Account Planner Survey 2010 – Time to take part again 1

Wealth index: average income for the top 20 areas in England and Wales 1

Thoughts 1

Plannersphere wiki 1

FlashForward – FIVE select a great series from the makers of Lost and 24 1

The Spirit of Ecstasy 1

Karoshi – death by overworking 1

Total views of 50 different posts on the blog today 193

One Response to “People read about 50 different things here today”

  1. umm congrats? way to keep track of your visits :) more power to you!

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