Susannah York


The actress Susannah York sadly died last month from bone marrow cancer, age 72. She had appeared in TV since 1959 and in major movies from the 1960’s. A common theme in her work was that of challenging roles with difficult subject matter; often involving emotional termoil or conflicted relationships.

Seeking out such parts, in movies such as They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?, The Battle of Britain, The Killing of Sister George and Images ,garnered her many award nominations; including an Oscar. She went on to win BAFTA and Cannes Film Festival Best Actress awards for different roles.

Susannah York 1939-2011

By concentrating on demanding and conflicted character roles her work was often interesting, and sometimes uncomfortable to watch because it was so evocative; such as in They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? She was a strikingly beautiful woman who chose roles with substance, rather than fall back on her self-evident charm.

As well as her acting film work, she was also a producer and director on stage. She also had success as an author of children’s books and she continued to act in TV drama and on stage in recent years in the UK. A very eclectic career containing many audacious performances.

Susannah York, 1939 – 2011.

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  1. 1 Iam-serrius

    I am greatly saddened by Susannah York’s passing. She was my favorite actress for many years. Beautiful, spirited, multi-talented and with a unique screen presence. She will be missed. Rest in peace dear lady.

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