Microsoft to partner Nokia for mobile software


Following up on the Nokia news yesterday, the big reveal today is the new partnership between Microsoft and Nokia. Read more: Here

Nokia developed their Symbian platform (the old Psion os warhorse) into a reasonably capable smartphone operating system. But Nokia were planning to progress into further development and adoption of their Maemo operating system for new smartphone products.

However Nokia have recognised the progress Microsoft made in this space last year, with their Mobile 7 operating system running several smartphones (such as from HTC) with gusto. Their user interface, responsiveness and functionality have given Google’s Android a run for its money.

For Microsoft the partnership with Nokia has upsides on market share, financial return and clearer driver for future development. For Nokia it should allow them catch up quicker with competitor offerings.

The iPhone 5 (to be launched around July) is meant to provide a generational shift, rather than a small step forward for Apple. So it will be interesting to see how well Apple deliver on this intent. But for Nokia, the alliance with Microsoft should allow them to compete against Samasing, HTC and Blackberry with more confidence over the next 3 years.

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