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More Apple iPhone news, as well as info on other Apple products collected today on FastCompany: Here The White iPhone 4 Breaks Cover in Belgium The images in the delivery box appear to show the version is based on the original iPhone4. This is rather than the recently enhanced black version launched on Verizon in […]

The last typewriter manufacturer, Godrej and Boyce, has ceased production and closed the factory. While wordprocessors have replaced typewriters in most countries, a healthy trade still exists in typists in some markets, such as India; where it is still possible to hire a street typist to type a letter for you, using a typewriter. When […]

Graham Page talks about the adoption of neuroscience in marketing research: Here The section in the article that particularly interested me was on cultural acceptance of neuroscience – how clients from different cultures are buying different types of neuroscience more readily. And how different types of neuroscience are more useful in different markets, because of […]

An interesting application of wireless technology, seprating a camera lense from a controlling digital device; providing another example of what converging digital technology may bring in the future: Here This example is a concept. WVIL stands for Wireless Vewfinder Interchangeable Lense. Concept Camera: The WVIL from Artefact on Vimeo.

Read the full story from the Wall Street Journal: Here Excerpt: By ROBERT LEE HOTZ Apple and Google may be intensifying privacy concerns by tracking where and when people use their mobile phones—but the true future of consumer surveillance is taking shape inside the cellphones at a weather-stained apartment complex in Cambridge, Mass. For almost […]

Ad Week have compiled 66 great movie taglines: Here My personal top 21 movies of all time: – Lost In Translation – As Good As It Gets – One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest – The Godfather (I’d argue endlessly over whether I or II is better. Maybe both together form one spectacular movie?) – […]

The purpose of this post is purely one of transparency of information. The Plannersphere Twitter continues to gain followers each week, particularly fueled by The Plannersphere Daily News: The Brand Tao blog has averaged 4,000+ visits per month for quite a while now: Thank you to all readers.